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The Ocean Dream is a diamond measuring 5.51 carats (1.102 g), rated in color as Fancy Deep Blue-Green by the Gemological Institute of America.




The Ocean Dream was displayed as part of the Smithsonian's "The Splendor of Diamonds" exhibit, alongside the De Beers Millennium Star, The Heart of Eternity and the Moussaieff Red. The Ocean Dream is the first and one of the only natural diamonds known to the GIA to possess a blue-green hue (besides the Ocean Paradise Diamond owned by the Nahshonov Group, found in Brazil in 2012), making it one of the rarest diamonds in the world. (A blue-green color is commonly seen in artificially enhanced diamonds, whose color is imparted by various irradiation methods.) After careful study, the GIA concluded that its distinct hue is a result of millions of years of exposure to natural radiation. The Ocean Dream originated in Central Africa, and is currently owned by the Cora Diamond Corporation.


On view together for the first time are 7 of the world's rarest diamonds representing a range of sizes and a rainbow of colors -- red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, blue-green, and colorless. All grew from carbon atoms deep within the earth and endured an explosive journey to the Earth's surface. The colorless diamonds are composed purely of carbon atoms. The rare colors of the others resulted from impurities that replaced some of the carbon atoms during growth. These diamonds were found since 1980 and are on loan from their owners: The De Beers Millennium Star (203.04 carats), 6th-largest colorless diamond is on view through Sept. 1. An unnamed (103 carats) colorless, cushion-cut diamond is on view Sept. 2-30. The Allnatt (101.29 carats), a yellow diamond. The Steinmetz Pink (59.60 carats), largest pink diamond. The Heart of Eternity (27.64 carats), a blue diamond. The Pumpkin Diamond (5.54 carats), one of the largest orange diamonds. The Ocean Dream (5.51 carats), the largest blue-green diamond. The Moussaieff Red (5.11 carats), the largest red diamond.

Fancy Color Diamond Investment Method

The top five reasons why our clients choose fancy colored diamonds

Long Term Growth

Those looking to maintain consistent financial growth for their assets need look no further than fancy colored diamonds. Because of their rarity, increasing demand, and inevitable decline in supply, prices have consistently risen for the last three decades.

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Price Stability

Anything of rarity is almost impossible to put a price on. Those who have the fiscal ability to obtain these precious gems are keenly aware of their value and irreplaceability. Even during a severe recession, connoisseurs who are in need of money will only liquidate fancy colored diamonds as a last resort. This fact makes these types of investments remarkably stable and consistent.

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Millions of dollars in diamonds can be discreetly transported in a small envelope. This makes fancy colored diamonds the most concentrated form of wealth in the world.

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Estate Planning

Because of the steady and exponential growth of fancy colored diamonds, a small case can be discreetly passed from one generation to the next. Those with multiple heirs should consider a higher number of stones with less value, as those with fewer heirs should consider the opposite.

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Almost ever country in the world require no disclosure of ownership to any government authority of their colored diamond assets. There are no registration requirements, all certificates are in bearer form, and there are no names or serial numbers for colored diamonds.

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