A beautiful pair of .25 carat Round Brilliant VS Natural Fancy Chocolate Brown Colored Diamond Earrings set in 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold Studs For Sale

A beautiful pair of .25 carat Round Brilliant VS Natural Fancy Chocolate Brown Colored Diamond Earrings set in 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold Studs For Sale

Natural GIA Certified

.25 carat VS Natural fancy Chocolate Brown Champagne natural colored diamond earring studs set in either 14K or 18K White Gold

Stock# S-C25

.25 carat of natural chocolate brown diamond stud earrings. These Beautiful diamonds are set in 14K or 18K white gold and are for sale

Our GIA trained and certified gemologists make every custom jewelry conception a possibility. We work ardently to provide our members with ideal customer service backed by a reliable and guaranteed product. Because you skip the middlemen entirely, the client receives phenomenal prices and a variety of diamonds and jewelry at real cost!


Up for sale today are beautiful .25 ctw real 100% natural champagne diamond studs. The earrings are VS clarity for superb shine, luster and brilliance.


If you want these earrings in a different size, gold color or even setting please just ask.


Carat Weight: .25
Color Grade: Natural Champagne Chocolate Brown
Clarity Grade: VS


These diamonds are 100% eye clean, super shiny and has tremendous luster and brilliance! If you have any questions about this diamond or any other options please just call so we can help guide you through this exciting process! Want to buy this diamond now? Let a Diamond Specialist help you.


$94.00 USD


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Chocolate Diamond Brown Diamond Grading Scale
C1-C8 is the color grading scale for rating champagne through chocolate diamonds


What is a chocolate diamond?

Brown diamonds is the most common natural fancy color diamond and also the earliest to be used in chocolate jewelry. Romans set brown diamonds in brown diamond rings, but in modern times it took a while for chocolate jewelry become popular. Until the 1980s, brown diamonds were typically considered good only for industrial use. The Australians fashioned them and set them into chocolate jewelry, marketing them with names such as “cognac diamonds” and “champagne diamond”, which increased their popularity.  Brown diamonds range in tone from very light to very dark, with consumers generally preferring the medium to dark tones with a warm, golden appearance. Chocolate diamond generally show a hint of a modifying color.  


These are the most widely available and surprisingly affordable colored diamonds. They provide a beautiful low cost alternative to pink, blue, grey, green or yellow diamonds. Common names used to describe brown color are: champagne diamond, chocolate diamond, coffee, golden, honey, bronze, cognac, etc. Natural fancy brown diamonds are sometimes referred to as champagne, lightly tinted brown diamonds, cognac or chocolate diamond, depending on their tone. Their hue is caused by structural distortions in the diamond lattice which modifies their absorption of light. Chocolate diamond generally show a hint of greenish, yellowish, orangey or reddish modifying colors. Internal parallel grain lines in brown diamonds cause the brown color in chocolate diamond rings. If the brown grain lines exist in a chocolate diamond that is also colored yellow by nitrogen impurities, they produce a yellowish brown diamonds color.


The largest chocolate diamond ever found is the Golden Jubilee Diamond. Found in South Africa, the rough diamond weighed 755.50 carats and was cut into a 545.67 carat Cushion Cut. Natural Fancy Champagne Diamonds are sexy and sophisticated. Chocolate diamond earrings, chocolate diamond rings, chocolate diamond engagement rings are all selling out quickly.  Heralded as the new classic of the gem world, these chocolate jewelry have strong potential for investment gains. Champagne is the most recent category of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds to garner investor interest. Around thirty years ago, the soft earthy tones of brown diamonds were seldom seen on the market, until the Argyle Mine in Western Australia began raising international awareness of their alluring beauty. Since then, brown diamonds have become the toast of Tinseltown and the darlings of designer chocolate jewelry.


With a delicate palette ranging from a subtle hint of tawny wine to a delicious burnt caramel, chocolate diamond are praised for their versatility and accessibility. They work equally well with daywear or evening wear and their neutral color makes them the ideal choice for timeless chocolate jewelry designs. Like Pink diamonds, their distinctive hues are caused by graining within the diamond structure, which scientists attribute to extreme pressure under the earth. What makes them most appealing of all is their potential for appreciation. Currently, these chocolate diamond and orangy diamonds are underpriced but that is changing quickly. They will soon surpass Transparent (White) diamonds in value due to their extreme rarity. Although these diamonds are more plentiful in nature than other Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, they are still 10,000 times rarer than Transparent (White) diamonds. And when the Argyle mine closes in 2018-2020, causing the world’s largest brown diamonds supply to evaporate, we could likely see these chocolate diamond follow the same astronomical price trajectory as Pink diamonds.


Champagne Diamonds


The Victoria-Transvaal Diamond is one of the world’s most stunning brown diamonds. Worn by movie stars and a millionairess, this chocolate diamond now holds pride of place in the Smithsonian Museum.

What are chocolate diamonds.

The name Chocolate diamond is an indulgent and delectable metaphor for these richly brown diamonds. One of the freshest new colors on the market, Chocolate diamond are delighting jewelry lovers worldwide. They have been available as long as mines have existed, but until the 1980s they were largely neglected. Chocolate diamond was once worn as good luck talismans by ancient Romans, they are now enjoying newfound adulation amongst jewelry aficionados and serious color diamond investors. Today, Chocolate diamond, brown diamonds and chocolate diamond engagement rings have an enormous following as they meet the demand for all things rare and earth-toned in fashion. Currently this is a high demand for chocolate diamond earrings, chocolate diamond rings, brown diamond rings and chocolate jewelry.  Like Champagne and Cognac diamonds, Chocolate jewelry were elevated to their present haute couture status by marketing pushes from Australia’s Argyle mine.

Chocolate diamond and brown diamonds is the hottest trend. Chocolate jewelry comes in all forms from chocolate earrings, chocolate diamond engagement rings, chocolate diamond rings, chocolate diamond earrings and chocolate jewelry. Brown diamonds are refered to as the chocolate diamond. Also look at brown diamond rings when looking at our inventory of chocolate diamond.





Chocolate Diamonds


The Incomparable chocolate diamond was found in its rough state weighing 890 carats, and was found in the town of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in the 1980s. The brown diamonds was found by a young young girl playing in a pile of rubble outside her uncle's house. This rubble had been legitimately collected from old mine dumps from the nearby MIBA Diamond Mine, having been rejected during the recovery process as being too bulky to be worth scanning for diamonds. The girl gave the diamond to her uncle, who sold it to some local African diamond dealers, who in turn sold it to a group of Lebanese buyers operating out of Kinshasa. It was later purchased in Antwerp by the Senior De Beers Buyer. As a result, Sir Philip Oppenheimer, then president of the Central Selling Organization and a De Beers director, sold it to Donald Zale, chairman of the board of the Zale Corporation, the Dallas-based jewelry store chain. He bought the diamond in partnership with Marvin Samuels, of the Premier Gems Corporation, and Louis Glick, both prominent figures in the New York diamond industry. The huge stone was finally unveiled in November, 1984, which coincided with the Zale Corporation's 75th anniversary (their Diamond Anniversary). Shortly afterwards it was put on display at the Natural History wing of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.





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